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  • Buy and Sell Products and Services
  • Great Online Training and Education
  • Earn Points for Engagement
  • Earn Refunds as a Share Member
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One Platform - Multiple Services


At Unify! we believe in free speech. You can use Social to share with your friends the same as with other social media platforms. We don't de-platform or conduct surveillance on our Members. Share text, pictures and videos. You can earn Patronage Points for sharing with friends.


Shop Unify! FirstTM. As a buyer, you will save money, earn Patronage Points, and do buiness with other trusted friends. As a Seller you can sell almost any product and become a 5 Star Seller, earn Patronage Points and more. Shop Unify! local and online members.


Education is a CoOp principal. Members can Buy and Sell e-learning, e-books, and all sorts of training and education. Cooperative education competes with the failing university concept as the Freelancer revolution emerges. You can earn Patronage Points too.

DFY (Done For You)

Unify! helps Freelancers offer their services to Members who have local and remote projects. Members can Buy and Sell, earn income and Patronage Points. Whether mowing the lawn or building a website, Unify! Members share and help each other.

UNI (Clubs and Groups)

Whether it is online Meetups or Local Networking Clubs, UNI (Unify! Networking Initiative) helps members (you and I) work together to grow relationships and businesses. UNI Groups can be open or closed. UNI Groups help local businesses exchange leads. You can earn Patronage Points too.

Member Services

Unify! uses The Commons Platform (TCP) to deliver a wide range of Member Services, like Member Dashboard, Inter Co-op Exchange, Patronage Engine, Patronage Credits, and the Member Patronage Wallet. We will continue to add more services as the Membership grows.

What is Unify! CoOp?

We are a Cooperative Association of Buyers (consumers) and Sellers (producers) working together to lower costs and increase our revenue.

Free and Share Members both have access to the platform.  When you upgrade from Free to Share Member and pay a “one-time” Share Membership Fee of $97, you become an Owner of the CoOp and can participate in Patronage Refunds (revenue sharing).

What is a Cooperative (CoOp)?

A cooperative exists to serve its Members, but what makes co-ops unique is that the Share Members are also the owners. In addition to getting the products and services Members want, they also have a voice and a vote in he business decisions the cooperative makes.

CoOps follow the 7 Principles adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA.coop).

Produce over $2 Trillion in sales.

Member Economic Participation

Education, Training and, Information

Concern for Community

Democratic Member Control

Autonomy and Independence

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Sharing Capitalism™ NOT
Surveillance Capitalism

At Unify! CoOp we respect your provacy and don’t sell your information to the highest bidder and keep the profits.

Instead, we are Member-Owned and all profits earned from advertising and the sales of products and services that are greater than expenses are shared with qualifying Share Members pro-rata according to Member patronage (use)

This is called Patronage Refund. 

The Commons Platform (TCP)

Unify! Universe where multiple cooperatives can collaborate and share together

At Unify! CoOp we use The Commons Platform (TCP) to manage and oversee the day to day CoOp operations.

TCP creates a sharing universe where multiple cooperatives can collaborate and share together.

Members have a dashboard to track buying, selling, products, services, and their patronage.

TCP also provides a trusted Patronage Wallet for Members to use Patronage Credits within the multiple communities thus reducing costs of operations and fees. 

TCP empowers Members to manage their relationships. 

Become a Unify! CoOp Member

You choose the Membership that is best for you. You can join our community for Free or as a Share Member.

ALL Members have access to the platform. By upgrading your Membership to Share Member and paying a “one-time” Share Membership Fee of $97, you can receive pro-rata Patronage Refunds.


No Strings Attached Access
  • Website Access By Log-In
  • Discounts On Products & Services
  • Earn Patronage Points For Community Activity

Share Members are the owners of the CoOp (See information Statement in the footer).
The "one-time" Share Member Fee is NOT an investment, it purchases Share Members rights.
All Share Members get one Share and one Vote as customary in all CoOps. Free Members are not owners and do not vote.

How Patronage Works

  • Let’s say there is $10,000 in the Patronage Pool for this month and there is 10,000 Patronage Points of Share Member activity.

  • If, as a Share Member, you earned 1000 Patronage Points this specific month, your SHARE would be 1,000/10,000 X $10,000 pr a $1,000 Patronage Refund.

  • If you had 100 Patronage Points, then your Patronage Refund would be $100 for this month. It is simple, fair, and fully disclosed.

  • The Board of Directors (made up of Share Members) decides the pay out each month and also the annual pay out.

CoOp Facts

Produce over $2 Trillion in sales.

Hire over 280 Million workers.

There are over 3 Million cooperatives.

More than 1 Billion members (1 in 6 people are members).

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